Yes, its a double negative.

Mute Screamer 0.58: Automatic Updates for Your Security

We're thrilled to introduce Mute Screamer 0.58, an update that enhances your website's security by offering automatic updates directly from No more waiting for Mute Screamer updates; now you can effortlessly access the latest rules and converter for PHPIDS.

Here's how it works: during the update process, Mute Screamer will check for any modifications to default_filter.xml and Converter.php. If there's an update available, it will be promptly displayed on the Updates page in your WordPress admin panel.

However, we understand the importance of caution when dealing with core file updates. To ensure transparency and give you complete control, we've implemented a diff feature. As you go through the update process, you'll be presented with a diff showing the changes to default_filter.xml and/or Converter.php.

This feature allows you to scrutinize every modification before it takes effect, giving you peace of mind that these changes are legitimate and aligned with your security needs. Plus, we've leveraged the diff engine included in WordPress, which is trusted for comparing post revisions.

As always, before running any updates, we strongly recommend having a backup of your site. Your website's security is paramount, and Mute Screamer 0.58 is here to make it more accessible and efficient.

Stay tuned for further enhancements and updates to keep your WordPress site secure. Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated as we work to make your online experience as safe as possible.